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Colour Changing Bath Balls and Dreams of Dumbledore - sylvadragon
Colour Changing Bath Balls and Dreams of Dumbledore
I'm in a state of bliss at the moment, due to having achieved my dream of floating balls that change colour in my bath tub, I just enjoyed a joyous groovy bath. My intent is or was to dedicate my lj to all things Dumbledoreish or Albus and Minervaish. So, you're probably thinking that the link between Albus and colour changing bath balls is tenuous in the extreme, lol. I just can't help but imagine albus finding these in a muggle shop and buying them at once for bath times with Minerva, doubtless Minerva would view them as frivolous, but would she secretly enjoy them ? :D

Well I'm just learning how to use this thing, but my intent is to keep this lj loosely related to Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall.

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