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OOTP on fast forward, seeking MMADness - sylvadragon
OOTP on fast forward, seeking MMADness
Sigh, so far I've endured watching OOTP four times on fast forward, it's far too intolerably bad to watch at normal speed. Why you ask, well I was seeking that elusive scene where Minerva brushes Albus' arm, and Albus reachs out to her but then draws back. It happens just as umbridge is trying to boot Trelawney out, finally I found it. Yayy. Minerva defintiely does give albus an affectionate touch on the arm, I'm quite convinced it's deliberate. As for him reaching out to her, I'm not so sure, I'm gonna probably watch it many more times and still be not sure. lol.

I actually prefer the scene in film two, where Albus reaches for Minerva's hand not once but twice. That had me in a state of bliss when I discovered it. If anyone knows of any other similar scenes, let me know.

MMADness rules. :D

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anya_lee From: anya_lee Date: October 14th, 2008 03:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hi dear,
Lee here! Hmm, it seems during the last feast of the first movie, AD puts his hand on MM's. Aww.... I haven't seen it but I read it some where...
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